Community Life Church
Saturday, October 23, 2021

Valerie Dykes

Valerie Dykes

Valerie Dykes - discipleship pastor

Developing and Connecting People. That could sum up the focus and desire of my role at CLC. Helping people develop a vital and growing relationship with Christ and connecting them with others who are heading in the same direction. I love watching people grow in their relationship with Christ and with those around them. It’s a pretty great job because I get to have lots of lunches and coffees too!

Essentials: 9 Things Valerie can't live without

thankful for my husband…everyday!
Got to love ‘em!
God’s Word
Meditate on it regularly! Food for the Soul, Mind and Heart!
I love talkin’ to my best friend.
Iced Tea
Only in America.  If you live in Europe, I feel sorry for you!
Bowl with lots of lettuce!
The Arts
My escape from the real world.
I can’t watch “Live” TV any longer!
Getting away with my husband anytime to any movie! I love it!
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