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Saturday, October 23, 2021




Birth – Preschool

Our greatest desire is to make all of our birth through Preschool Kidzlife environments an engaging and safe place where your children can experience God's love for them and be cared for in small groups.


Baby (birth to walking)

Walker (walking to 2 year olds)

Preschool (3 year old to pre-kindergarten)


We want babies, walkers and preschoolers to have a grasp of these three truths by the time they enter elementary school:


• God loves them.
• God made them.
• Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

With interactive teaching, videos,
Bible stories, and praise and worship your child will connect in new ways to the truth of God's Word.


KIDZlife Elementary
is where children learn how to apply the Bible, how to worship and how to build quality friendships with other kids and leaders.

We want every child transitioning into the sixth grade to have made the following three decisions: 

• Wisdom—I need to make the WISE choice.
• Faith—I can TRUST GOD no matter what.
• Relationships—I should treat OTHERS the way I want to be treated.


KIDZlife Elementary begins each week with an opportunity for kids to build authentic relationships through interaction with each other using games and group toys.  Your children will encounter interactive video teaching, curriculum developed specifically with your children in mind, exciting environments, and personal relationships with other children their age in their own small groups.

Kidzlife Details

First time at Kidzlife: Plan to arrive a little early in order for your child to get checked in and so you can take a quick stroll with them to see their classroom and meet the Coach and Small Group Leaders for the day. 

KIDZlife Security: 
It is our goal to maintain high security in all of our children’s areas to ensure your child’s safety. Your child wears a safety sticker with a number on it and you receive the corresponding number. When picking up your child, please have your number handy so we can match you and your child. We also can display a number on the screen in the auditorium in case we need to reach you during service.

Kidzlife Check in:
opens every Sunday morning at 9:45 am, 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the Community Life Church Worship experience.


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