Community Life Church
Monday, March 18, 2019

RSM's Values

At the heart of RSM we highly value these 7 things:

Discipleship- We want students to build a foundation of spiritual truth and disciplines. We are committed to training students in the word and teaching them to grow on their own. We desire student to be grounded Biblically and to be disciplined to continue to grow throughout their life.

Relational Influence- We long to see students enter into a life changing relationship with Jesus. We hate the "holy huddle." We are called to be fishers of men and we encourage our students to be outreach oriented. We train our students to be soul winners and we provide them opportunities to introduce their friends to the gospel of Jesus. Our challenge encourages them to build a friendship with a lost person, share a verbal testimony of their life, and use the Student Ministry meetings as a supplemental tool to expose their friends to the gospel.

Excellence- Excellence in our minds is not doing things better than someone else. It is about how well we prepare. We define excellence as doing the best with what we have. If we do anything excellent in our life, it should be ministry. Romans 16:9 challenges us to be excellent at what is good. Student Ministry is good and pleasing to God. We expect our leaders to have a spirit of excellence, to prepare, and serve with all of their heart. 

Innovation- We desire to be on the cutting edge of what God is doing in Student Ministry. We will stay creative, constantly changing our methods to stay culturally relevant. It is crucial that we understand that we are dealing with a mission field that is no longer familiar with church, so it is vital to change our style, without compromising the substance.

Partnering With Parents- we desire to include parents in our ministry and to partner with them for their students spiritual growth. We have an open-door policy with parents, where they are welcome anytime.

Worship- We provide opportunities for students to draw face to face with Christ, through corporate worship. We teach students to enjoy being in His presence. We believe in different methods of praise and worship. Just as husbands tell their wives they love them in different ways, this generation has a unique style of expressing love to God in worship.

Unity- We desire to create and maintain unity and partnership between Community Life Church and Harvest Ridge Covenant Church. Where both churches combine resources to have the greatest impact possible on reaching students in the Shawnee area and directing them towards a relationship with Jesus.
RSM meets weekly on Sunday nights from 5-6:30pm at Harvest Ridge Covenant Church [22015 Midland Drive, Shawnee KS, 66226].